I don’t normally notice or even know the names of small birds, only raptors.

But I was pleasantly surprised yesterday at Ft. DeSoto Park to find a couple of colorful little fellows who don’t even live here. They are just stopping in for mulberry pie on their way back elsewhere. I looked up their names in my Smithsonian Handbook.

Scarlet Tanager

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

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February 2018 Slideshow

In spite of a painful bout of bursitis which reduced me to hobbling with a cane for a couple of weeks, I was able toΒ capture a few ‘honorable mentions’ which I have stitched together in this month’s retrospective.

Mostly birds. Not surprising, as I have been carrying a long lens on my new camera everywhere I go – and these days I tend to gravitate to the water’s edge. I threw in a couple of miscellaneous images just to break the monotony.

And the final image, of course, as always, is my constant companion, Tzuri. She insists on having the last word.

[The first word too, as it’s difficult to be a serious photographer while simultaneously supervising a frisky dog darting this way and that.]

Music: “A Slow Storm Brews” by My Friend the Chocolate Cake.

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