Alley Oops #66

Murals are still springing up all around town. I still take their pictures. It’s just that being a multitasker with so many on-going projects I haven’t had time to process & post any lately.

Here is a short slideshow of recent favorites which you haven’t seen yet.

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[a Monday sampling of signs, murals, graffiti]

A Moveable Feast

A friend of mine who lives alone likes to invite a wild rabbit to dinner.

With a little prodding he upgraded the presentation to a 5-Star experience.

Then yesterday I discovered a sumptuous repast carefully set out under a shade tree next to a bubbling brook.

Looks like some serious competition for you, Bill!

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Here Comes the Sun!

Below is my second time-lapse video. (First effort was a New Year’s Day sunrise over Tampa Bay.)

Took me three early morning attempts out at Ft. DeSoto Park to get this one. (Well, not counting a handful of foggy mornings when I got up and peeked outside, then jumped back in bed.)

First time, too windy for my tripod. Second time, over 300 images were out of focus. (Hey, man – like, it was too dark to see the camera buttons! What! I was expected to have a flashlight with me?)

Third time’s a charm, hopefully.

Actually, there’s still some distracting flicker from frame to frame and thus it’s not professional quality yet.Β  Controlling exposure is a nightmare when lighting goes from pitch black to blinding sun. You can’t readjust your settings once the sequence starts because the camera is on auto pilot shooting images every few seconds. In fact, capturing a stunning sunrise or sunset is so difficult, even for the pros, that it is referred to as the “holy grail” of time-lapse photography.

That means there are no guarantees, and to be successful you better start praying. 😦

578 images compressed into 20 seconds

[Richie Havens, “Here Comes the Sun“]

Fujifilm Xt-2

f/4.0Β  Β  Β  ISO 400

Shutter speeds range from 2.3 sec to 1/1000 sec

[processed in Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro]

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A Walk on the Wild Side

No one will go for a walk with me anymore.

They say my mind is twisted and I don’t see the world like normal people do.

I don’t disagree. Especially when I have a camera with me. I am always looking for architectural lines, shapes, textures, patterns – perceptual bits and pieces that with just the right glance can take on a life of their own.

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Voyeur’s Delight

This enthusiast was just about to launch a drone and said I was welcome to take pictures.

He had two drones, actually.

The cheapest cost about a thousand bucks.

The better of the two, he said, five times more expensive, is the kind used for aerial photography in Hollywood movies.

These units can’t get lost. Their on-board GPS tells them where they are at all times. They can fly on autopilot. They even know to return ‘home’ automatically when their battery gets low.

I want one!

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January 2018 Slideshow

After several months on back order, my new camera finally arrived in the middle of January.

The automatic focus system is superb, but takes getting used to, and I have been honing my skills by trying to latch onto and track slippery birds in the crosshairs.

Here is a short video slideshow of a few random keepers from my first two weeks of testing the Nikon D850.

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