Pic du Jour #43: “Playing in the Dirt”

These kids were entertaining themselves in a remote section of Yellowstone National Park while their parents & the rest of us were wolf-watching.

I briefly wondered how far they had to drive before finding a tub of soap and water to clean them up, but then remembered that I often faced the same problem.

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Osprey, Pelican, Two Eagles & a Dog

A 500mm lens is a must-have for wildlife photography, but I have long resisted because such a heavy piece of equipment requires a bulky tripod and I havenโ€™t the patience to fiddle with such things.

Until now. Nikon has recently come out with a quality 500mm lens specifically designed to be hand-held. Itโ€™s not for the frail, weighing in at 5 lbs., but manageable.

Two things I am looking for as I test out a new lens = (1) how fast it picks up and focuses on subjects speeding across the sky, and (2) how sharp the images are.

I couldnโ€™t believe my luck when I saw two juvenile eagles sitting on rocks about 200 yards from shore this morning.


One of them hopped around a bit, after a fish the other had dropped in a crevice.


I alternately stood and sat for 45 minutes with camera and lens held up to my eye waiting for the eagles to fly. Liftoff would be a perfect picture. The camera got heavy, my arms got tired, and my fingers began to cramp.

An osprey took a dip nearby in the water and I interrupted my vigil to fire off some quick shots.



A pelican dropped in fairly close to the eagles.


Then a damn helicopter buzzed overhead and spooked the eaglesย as I was looking in the wrong direction! All my patience was for naught.


Tzuri, fortunately, was a more willing subject.


All in all, I’m thinkin’ this new lens is a keeper.

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Let The Games Begin!

This year the Winter Games for canis lupus familiaris were held in Naples, Florida. The three semi-finalists hailed from (l. to r.) Germany, Siberia, and the USA.


Opening warm-up ceremonies featured all three strutting their stuff, much to the crowd’s delight.


Then the games began in earnest. Each entrant was pitted against the other in a single elimination venue.

Siberia vs. USA

Cyrus & Tybee

USA vs. Germany

tzuri20141219_4794 as Smart Object-1

Germany vs. Siberia

tzuri20141219_4961 as Smart Object-1

After a grueling contest a winner was declared. ย Germany took home the gold, and is shown here taking her victory lap.

Tzuri20141219_4893 as Smart Object-1

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