Blue Ridge Sunset

Tzuri and I just got back from 10 days in North Carolina. The leaves, unfortunately, did not cooperate and had not changed colors as of yesterday, when we left.

I was able to see some stunning sunsets, however.

You can view all my Blue Ridge images at:

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Pic du Jour #43: “Playing in the Dirt”

These kids were entertaining themselves in a remote section of Yellowstone National Park while their parents & the rest of us were wolf-watching.

I briefly wondered how far they had to drive before finding a tub of soap and water to clean them up, but then remembered that I often faced the same problem.

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The Power of Google

In March of 2014 Scott & I were romping our dogs at a large park in Naples when we spotted a drone circling overhead.  I was only carrying a wide angle lens but was able to fire off a couple of shots, not thinking they would be any good.

In my blog (“The Drone”) I made light of the encounter in an Orwellian “big brother” way.


Imagine my surprise when a year later the Vice President of the drone manufacturing company tracked me down!  I thought my days were surely numbered but his request turned out to be benign.

Hi Ops John,

You took an amazing photo of one of our Drones, and was wondering if we could use it for some posters?

Can you respond to me at


I sent Clint a high-resolution image free of charge and even removed the logo. I have done that before with a request from Glacier National Park to use one of my pictures of a grizzly mom and her cubs.

Equally amazing, however, is the comment from a viewer of a random street shot I took of three musicians in St. Petersburg.

street band20150214_7077 as Smart Object-1

Great pic! The drummer is my husband.

There have been other coincidences, too – comments from relatives of deceased friends I wrote tributes about, for example.

Big Brother?  Why, Google, of course!

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pine creek header

Creek On Steroids, River Run Amok

The month of May in Montana is fickle.  Cold and wind and rain vie with warm sunshine and flowers for our attention.

paradise valleyAt elevation snow turns to water, and the runoff – well, let’s just say that water on the loose has a mind of its own.

pine creek

We were hiking in the Gallatin National Forest when we heard the unmistakable sound of rushing water. More like the roar of a locomotive than a whisper, a normally quiet stream bloated with snow-melt had turned into a lethal torrent.

Not far away the Yellowstone River, too, higher than it has been in many years, has washed out trails Tzuri and I frequent.  I quickly re-attach her leash whenever we get close to this angry river god.

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A Surprise Request

What a surprise, an email from a National Park inquiring about one of my images!

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We are interested in using a photo of a female grizzly with cubs you have posted under a section on bear jams at Grand Teton. The photo would be part of a new exhibit in the Many Glacier valley about wildlife viewing and animal learning processes. The photo would be slightly cropped and would be 24 inches wide on the panel. The photo is perfect for this project that aims at educating visitors to the park about this intense wildlife corridor and the pressures associated with a lot of people and animals sharing the same narrow valley. I appreciate your consideration.

Glacier National Park

I myself would never have given a second thought, quality wise, to the image in question.

grizzly w. cubs in Tetons

But of course I said ‘yes.’  I even sent them a second image to choose from, as it captures a wider view of cars and bears and may therefore better illustrate their intended theme.

grizzly w. cubs in Tetons

I’m just glad they didn’t ask to buy it.  That would give me a migraine as I don’t have a lick of business sense, and ain’t got no desire to learn.

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Gateway to Paradise ranch

Two summers ago I pitched a tent at Signal Mountain Campground in the Tetons. It was late June/early July and the temps at night got down into the 30s.

Right outside the Park is a horse ranch and I was there at first light (@ 5:30 am) to photograph some prancing stallions.

Unfortunately, none materialized.  The ‘golden moment’ quickly dispersed and I was left with this ‘consolation’ image of a gate framing the Grand Tetons in the distance.

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