The Horse & The Fiancé

I’m grading mid-term essays right now. What a bummer!

I provide students with several topics to choose from, including this one:

The Book of Job asks why bad things happen to good people. He doesn’t receive a direct answer other than that divine wisdom is beyond human comprehension. How might you answer a little child who wants to know why innocent people have to suffer?

I was grading on auto-pilot, having at one time or another seen just about every conceivable answer to this question. Until I got to this response, which really made my day!

So if a child came up to me and asked me why innocent people have to suffer, I would tell the child that everything happens for a reason. Even though some things that happen are absolutely horrible, you need to take all of the bad things and just put them aside and remember all of the good things that you can put into that situation. For instance, I used to always get really depressed especially for my pacemaker surgery when I was only 12 years of age, and I would ask my parents why I was stuck with my heart problems and they would always tell me that everything will get better soon. It may have taken me a few years after that to realize that everything does happen for a reason! If I did not get so sick and depressed, I would have never met my horse and my fiancé.

Any suggestions as to what comment I should put on this girl’s paper?

😀 😀 😀