The Reader

The homeless are easy prey for street photographers, and although I rub shoulders with them on many a corner I try not to exploit their misery.

homeless20150218_7121 as Smart Object-1

What punctures the stereotype of the typical “outdoor citizen” in this image, I like to think, is the hefty hardcover book.

homeless20150218_7122 as Smart Object-1

I can’t make out the title on the spine but it seems to be a collection of stories.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Four Stories In Search Of A Editor

It was not yet noon and they were passing a joint around, drinking beer, getting a buzz on.

The guy on the left with teeth rotting so bad they stank kept saying, “I’m just a homeless piece of shit, but please take my picture.”

At the same time the girl on the far right was pleading, “Don’t take my picture, I’ve been run over by a truck”. Then she winced and I noticed her two black eyes.

I motioned the middle two in from a nearby table and took a group photo.

4homeless group20150203_6468 as Smart Object-1

Each is a mother’s child; each has a compelling story, dying to be told.

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