Alley Oops #44: “Grand Prix”

This mural seems obviously related to the annual Grand Prix race in downtown St. Petersburg, which just concluded yesterday.

The City closes off streets, erects barriers, and an international cast of drivers romp around a 1.8 mile hairpin course like kids.

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Moderation Is Not An Option, at my age

You know the die is cast when your bank readily lends you money for a new car but denies you death insurance, saying it’s a no-win situation for them because you’re not expected to live long enough to make all the payments!

But surely my new Ford Explorer with only 111.6 miles on the odometer is the safest car on the road. It parallel parks itself, automatically maintains a prescribed distance from the car in front, maintains vigilance behind with a rear-view camera, beeps when a tree is about to jump out into the road, asks where you want to go and takes you there while serenading you with 9 speakers , warms the steering wheel for your hands and the seats for your tush – and even provides Tzuri with her own climate control knobs.

And I haven’t even finished reading the owner’s manual yet!


It’s like I’m a useless appendage just along for the ride.

Well, maybe that’s the point, at my age.

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Pic du Jour #28: “Junkyard Dog”

Somewhere on a blue highway in New Mexico I stopped and wandered through this beautiful junkyard. The gate was open and no one was around – how could I refuse such an invitation?

junk car_DSC8141 as Smart Object-1

Then I rounded a pile of scrap and saw this:

junkyard dog_DSC8136

I wasted no time hightailing it back to my car.

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