Alley Oops #65: “The Last Road Trip”

Jack Kerouac’s favorite bar here in St. Petersburg was The Flamingo. On a side wall is a mural depicting Jack playing pool against a background image of his book, “On the Road.”

In the front is a framed picture of Jack.

The hospital where he died is 10 blocks away.

“Cirrhosisย of the liver due to alcohol abuse was considered the primary cause of death, although a bar fight he had been involved in several weeks earlier may have had a contributing effect. He was only 47 when he died, a peculiar martyr to his own success.”

“I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.”


Steve Allen plays the blues while Jack Kerouac reads from “On the Road.” He seems sober and does a good job, I think, enunciating the poetic rhythms of the prose.

6 min 51 sec

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Pic du Jour #48: “The Iron Rhino”

Normally there are dozens of motorcycles outside this biker bar south of Naples, where I used to live, down near the Everglades. But I suspect recently they all rode to Charlottesville.

“The latest map shows Florida had 63 of the nation’s 917 hate groups in 2016. That means the third-largest state in the nation had the second most hate groups, behind California’s 79.”

*Hate Groups in Florida*

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The Hug

In contrast to yesterday’s tender image, The Kiss, this embrace seems altogether different.

Alcohol induced, they don’t even bother to put down their cigarettes.

bar embrace20150204_6496 as Smart Object-1

He caught me taking this initial candid picture, as you can see, so in the interest of good PR I went over and chatted them up, took some posed pictures and ended up emailing several to them, which they appreciated. ย At least I think that’s what he meant when he sent me the following:

“Tha pics were grrat thamk u”

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