Pic du Jour #39: “3 Nudes”

A man walks around displayingย a large mounted photograph to outdoor diners & casual Thursday-night gawkers on a busy promenade in the upscale waterfront district of St. Petersburg.

The vintage picture shows three nude femalesย approaching the iconic St. Pete Pier, which has recently been demolished.


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Dharma Punk

Not sure what kind of encounter is taking place here on the street outside of “Sip, the Social Lounge”. His jacket reads “Social Distortion” and references everyone from Walt Whitman to the King of England to Otis Redding.

social lounge20150218_7111 as Smart Object-1

One thing for sure, he’s not very huggable, given those metal spikes protruding from the back of his shoulders.

social lounge220150218_7111 as Smart Object-1

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Richard Huss asked about color in this image and there wasn’t much but I post it below for all to see.

social lounge220150218_7111 as Smart Object-1