Voyeur’s Delight

This enthusiast was just about to launch a drone and said I was welcome to take pictures.

He had two drones, actually.

The cheapest cost about a thousand bucks.

The better of the two, he said, five times more expensive, is the kind used for aerial photography in Hollywood movies.

These units can’t get lost. Their on-board GPS tells them where they are at all times. They can fly on autopilot. They even know to return ‘home’ automatically when their battery gets low.

I want one!

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The Power of Google

In March of 2014 Scott & I were romping our dogs at a large park in Naples when we spotted a drone circling overhead.  I was only carrying a wide angle lens but was able to fire off a couple of shots, not thinking they would be any good.

In my blog (“The Drone”) I made light of the encounter in an Orwellian “big brother” way.


Imagine my surprise when a year later the Vice President of the drone manufacturing company tracked me down!  I thought my days were surely numbered but his request turned out to be benign.

Hi Ops John,

You took an amazing photo of one of our Drones, and was wondering if we could use it for some posters?

Can you respond to me at clint@sci.aero


I sent Clint a high-resolution image free of charge and even removed the logo. I have done that before with a request from Glacier National Park to use one of my pictures of a grizzly mom and her cubs.

Equally amazing, however, is the comment from a viewer of a random street shot I took of three musicians in St. Petersburg.

street band20150214_7077 as Smart Object-1

Great pic! The drummer is my husband.

There have been other coincidences, too – comments from relatives of deceased friends I wrote tributes about, for example.

Big Brother?  Why, Google, of course!

🙂 🙂 🙂

drone_D8X2069 as Smart Object-1

The Drone

These guys were not kids playing with a new toy.  They definitely looked ex-military mercenary types testing a lethal black ops weapon.

drone_D8X2072 as Smart Object-1

I figured it was my moral obligation to spy back on Big Brother, so Tzuri & I hid behind a tree and took pictures.

drone_D8X2083 as Smart Object-1

But then it spotted me and I knew we were goners if we didn’t hightail it fast.

drone_D8X2093 as Smart Object-1

How does one go about applying for asylum?

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