“artists are like everyone else, only more so”

As someone who likes to periodically reinvent himself, I have enjoyed numerous careers, almost too many to mention – including, but not limited to:

social worker  –  veterinary assistant

tennis instructor  –  personnel manager  –  night watchman

library assistant  –  beach bum

dog trainer

professor of humanities

wildlife photographer

I recently retired from teaching full-time on campus and now only teach Internet courses.  That has allowed me to travel and indulge my latest passion, photography.

I suspect that salient features of who I am will emerge like a darkroom negative from the wide variety of “pics & quips” which I will be uploading onto this new site.

11 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi, Oops John. I got your message on my blog, so I’m writing to you here on your website. Thank you for being my one and only follower (as far as I know). It’s nice to know I’m not writing in a void. I have a question: Do I know you from long ago in the 1970s? (Wow. That just blew the long-ago photo on my blog. Ha! )

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    1. Shake loose them cobwebs, Miss Ro. That was in the 80s, not the 70s.

      No, we never knew each other. You were top tier and I was one of the ‘Untouchables’ and besides, you had the hots for Tom Selleck back then.

      Luv that pic of you zigzagin’ through a barren field, post more of your photography!

      Thanks for your response… 😀

      PS – wanna meager suggestion as to how to increase your blog readership?

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      1. OK, I’m confused, but, hey, that happens sometimes these days. When was I ever “top tier” and where? The ’80s? Did we not know each other at USF or at the St. Petersburg Public Library?

        I would love a suggestion as to how to increase my blog readership. Write something more focused, like the food blogs?

        Well, my brain is empty so I’m gonna go shopping because the cats need food. They always need food. What’s up with that?

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  2. Hey John. Long time! We’re having another reunion in 3 weeks. Sorry for such short notice. It will be Friday and Saturday the 29th and 30th of April. Would love to have you come if you’re in Florida. The contact person is Kaye Fields (Kaye King). 863-858-2519 mimikayemail@yahoo.com I hope you’ve been well and love to see you and catch up. Great pictures by the way.

    Helen (Murray) Buckley.

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    1. Thanks, Helen. Over the years I’ve learned that reunions and I don’t mix, but hope you have a splendid time and that all is well with you and family. 🙂

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      1. Sorry you won’t be there. You might get some good material for your blog! A bunch of us meet once a month for dinner and have a great time. Sometimes we act a little rowdy get some funny looks from others in the restaurant. I guess they figure a bunch of old people should act more “mature!” Anyway if you change your mind come on down ⚓️

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