7 Replies to “got ROCKS?”

  1. Here in the Mount Dora FLO park we walk mornings with Rani, “the painted rocks” appear in the nooks and crannies of the pathways and sidewalks … one AM I noticed and older lady with a preteen girl walking in front of us … I had picked up one of the rocks and “pocketed” it … I approached the girl and said to her: “I just found this and we thought you might like it … I’ve found several of them over the past couple of years.” The lady smiled back and opened a canvas sack she was carrying … I looked in the sack and she had about 30 of the rocks … she then went on, “I paint and my granddaughter ‘plants.'”

    I thanked them both very much and assured them the rocks get mailed to my kids and given to my friends … but we always leave a few for other folks to find.”

    I look forward to their little treasures and it’s cool to have “source knowledge.” HUSS


    1. I confess that I have been hoarding them for a while, but now that I have taken pictures and “documented” them I will be re-hiding for others to find.


  2. Actually, I still don’t think it is clear. I kept trying to adjust the rocks better but couldn’t get it obvious to my satisfaction. Oh, well…


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