Gone Viral

5 ‘faves’ on one of my Flickr photos is about average. Warms the heart & sparks motivation.

But 157 faves on the above image in three days and growing by the hour? Over 3300 views? What’s with that?

Apparently Flickr has a secret algorithm that scans millions of photos a day and selects 500 to showcase. “Paradise Valley” (from my recent Road Trip 2019) was chosen and thus my normal audience of 114 followers expanded exponentially.

I guess you could say I’ve “gone viral”.

[FYI: really good photographers have followers numbered in the tens of thousands, and meager views/faves like mine above would be an embarrassment.]

UPDATE – 1 Week Later

8 Replies to “Gone Viral”

  1. Your photos are so beautiful, John! I can’t remember (or I never knew) what your career was. Easily could have been photography.


    1. Thanks, Joy. I took up photography about the time I retired from teaching. Still got a lot to learn, but it’s fun doing so.


  2. I am in awe that anyone can do any one thing as well as you tell stories with your photography and musical backgrounds. Kudos, my friend. Jim N

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  3. There are many times when your photography leaves me speechless … and you know that’s a rare thing … congrats on your selection … HUSS

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