Back to Baltimore

I have been so swamped lately with various photo projects, as well as planning a lengthy upcoming trip out West, that I pretty much missed the migrating birds that stop a few days each year at Ft. DeSoto Park.

Except for this late-arriving Baltimore Oriole, who obliged me a few pics.

And I’m told that this is a juvenile Orchard Oriole – maybe from Baltimore, maybe not.

Hopefully they will be back again next year.

🙂 🙂 🙂

3 Replies to “Back to Baltimore”

  1. Beautiful, John! I’ve recently taken up oil painting, and I may try to paint one of these. If and when I do, I’ll share it with you.


    1. All my life I’ve threatened to take up oil painting, but never had the courage. I know you will succeed, and yes, I’d love to see the results. Thanks.


      1. With your eye, I think you’d do very well. You never know if you don’t try!


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