9 Replies to “Life is Good”

  1. Tzuri is so attentive! I still remember Tzuru as a wee little pup! She keeps you active and young! Great! Happy for both of you! Life is good!
    I have an 11 years old Daschund/Beagle. We live in a farming and ranching community in Idaho. My old dog still behaves like a puppy. He digs for and catches between 2-15 Voles in the fields most day from Jan. to Apr. The farmers are much amused and give us the thumbs up.

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    1. Many years ago I lived up in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest with my first German Shepherd, and she would catch chipmunks and ground squirrels. There was always a sickening crunch when she bit into them. Thanks for reading my posts! 🙂


      1. Hello John & Tzuri,
        I was tickled by the name “Giblets & Flapdoodle” and wondered what it was about. I was an English major, Photojournalism minor in College in CA at that time and appreciated humor and great photography. And as soon as I saw the photos of you training Tzuri as a wee puppy, I started following your posts.
        My 11 years old Daschund/Beagle has caught many voles, moles, squirrels, 3 snakes, horned toads, doves and lizards out in the high deserts here in Idaho and also Nevada. (We moved to Nevada first after my husband retired from Caltech. He was a Research Astrophysicists involved with the Gravitational Waves discovery project.)
        Anyways, thank you for your great photos and posts. They are very inspiring, thought-provoking and funny too. Take care, hoping to see more.


        1. I guess Dachshunds were bred to catch burrowing critters and yours gets lots of opportunities in your area. With apologies to Nietzsche, “Life without a dog is a mistake.”

          I wish there were a captivating story behind the ‘giblets & flapdoodle’ name, but there isn’t. Just at the time seemed suitably Dada-like and nonsensical, and gives me poetic license to post more or less anything.

          Yes, I hope to continue to post regularly, although now I am teaching myself video photography – always a new project on my plate – and that’s whittling away my free time.


          PS – If you are specifically interested in Tzuri, you might not know that she has her very own website 🙂



    1. Thank you for the link of Tzuri website! How old is Tzuri now? I see a little gray in her muzzle.
      My 11-years-old Daschund/Beagle started out fawn, but now appear almost white in photos! But we still love our dogs regardless of their gray, warts and bumps don’t we? Haha!


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