11 Replies to “SUMMER 2018 Favorites”

  1. Fabulous, my friend. I am in awe of your photographer’s eye, ability to create slide shows and the repertoire of music which accompanies the shows. Jim Newland


  2. What Newland said … plus special interest in “The Don” … used to take my first set of kids to the old deserted VA hospital (The Don) and used their property as our own private beach … then stayed there several times after The Don was built … loved the rusty old Mercedes … had a friend that rehabbed one just like that one … and the sun coming thru the squirrels ears was a special touch … fantastic all-in-all … thanks for letting us see it. HUSS


    1. I used to roam around on the inside and even climb out on the roof back when it was empty. But was never smart enough to claim their beachfront as my own, like you did. 🙂


  3. Beautiful! I am going to watch it every morning. Thanks, John.


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