Alley Oops #64

This guy was obviously unbalanced: aggressive, talking to himself, perhaps dangerous. I kept one eye on my exit options and my finger on the shutter button. 

🙂 🙂 🙂

[a Monday sampling of signs, murals, graffiti]

8 Replies to “Alley Oops #64”

  1. Cmon, Oops … This guy hasn’t seen a day in the gym since he was born … your famed spinning high back kick smacking just above his ear woulda been child’s play for you … then you could spent some time snapping photos while he reclaimed his own sense of reality … was he hiding his face from you or shielding his vampire eyes from the sun?


        1. Good suggestion. And since I don’t want to strain my Achilles tendon I’m not going to read any more of The Iliad either.


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