3 Replies to “Urban Thursday #30: “Beach Drive””

  1. A certain nostalgia, remembering walking a lot around that area during 1962-66, just looking at things. I remember thinking that perhaps when I was old, wrinkled, but still prissy, I’d be sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of one of those beautiful old houses facing the square in front of Maas. I remember walking down that street and hanging out with the clock-maker and watching him work, just sitting there, quiet and absorbed in what he was doing and the miracle of tiny watches. The peacefulness still fills me up when I remember those days, and I likely learned just as much walking Central Av. and downtown as I did on campus, maybe even more. Never felt in danger, either, oddly enough. Didn’t know any better, most likely.
    Now? I’m not certain I’d like to live in that building, even though it’s likely very easy living. Allergic to post-modernity.


    1. I walked the same streets, saw the same rockers on porches, and thought the same thing about living there when old! No, nothing scary in those days. Downtown condos up above shops underneath is the thing these days. I couldn’t live in anything resembling a high rise or even having an elevator. I need plenty of outdoors. Thanks…


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