8 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Congratulations to all the Oops’s in no particular order, in every order, every day and year. The way I see things now, every hour’s a milestone. Keith Richards reportedly greets the day he wakes up as a surprise.


  2. SUV looks great! We just did same thing to Henrietta, my 1999 ElDorado Coupe, silver, with dove grey leather seats. She is still so beautiful and our favorite car ever. So heavy and reassuring on the roads here. This county is incredible for horrible accidents, makes you wonder if there really is some loss of intelligence that goes with living in sunny climates.
    Tzuri is so magnifique!!!


    • Seconds after I posted #53 I had a change of mind and deleted it. Unfortunately, the email notifications were already sent and could not be recalled. You probably got one and it didn’t link to anything. Sorry about that. The real #53 will be back tomorrow.


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