5 thoughts on “Alley Oops #60: “The Larger Canvas”

  1. Thanks for giving us a broader perspective. I have always enjoyed your individual photos, but together is intense. Makes me want to go back to St. Pete after 50 years and walk the alleys.


  2. Wow … even in the alleys … and here in Mount Dora, our City Council is trying to shut down a homeowner who had her private-on-her-own-property wall painted by a muralist with a rendition of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” The wall faces one of the main roads leading into town.

    The Council said it’s in violation of some effing ordinance regulating “signage,” which appears to deal solely with political campaign signs.

    She retaliated by refusing to repaint the wall and instead had the artist spread the Van Gogh to cover her outside rear wall of the house, too!

    The power hungry appear to be everywhere …


    • The alleys, admittedly, can look a bit messy. But still, there are some interesting murals, which the city encourages. Keeps those neer-do-well artist types from otherwise running amuck. 🙂


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