5 Replies to “Alley Oops #59: “Portrait of a Muralist””

  1. Wonderful photograph, you’ve just caught him between the thinking and doing.
    It’s the most fascinating kind of sub culture, a rebellion, an outlaw spirit in this, you can almost smell it around him. There’s enormous freedom for the painter.
    I’d take the subway for about an hour’s trip through Brooklyn to Coney Island, hauling a metal milk crate full of pints of primary colors–oil paints, a gallon can of turps, brushes, tool box, and get hired in minutes in front of the rides and games. I never had my work defaced, the local hoods would sidle up and watch, say: “You the oddest, right? Thasshidsgoot.”
    I liked getting paid in cash on the spot by the vendors, too. Bargaining for the price. Fourth of July was the cut off, not much business after that, the carneys were saving up winter money to head south. No such weather constraints here, except serious weather.


    1. These days artists record their work with time-lapse video, would we had footage of you swinging high above Brooklyn working on a billboard! Ever miss those days?


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