Urban Thursday #26: “Al Lang Stadium”

Home of the Tampa Bay Rowdies

Now exclusively a soccer field, this downtown St. Petersburg site was originally a Spring Training MLB stadium used for over 60 years by such teams as the Yankees, Mets, Cardinals & Orioles.

Stepping up to the plate have been the likes of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Stan Musial & Lou Gehrig.

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Urban Thursday

– a Thursday sampling of downtown buildings & cityscapes –

4 Replies to “Urban Thursday #26: “Al Lang Stadium””

  1. Memories … When we were at the St. Pete campus, Wil LaBrant got me a job there one spring hawking sodas/peanuts … he did the “rest back cushions” which hung across the bleacher seat boards. His spiel was …”The seats are hard and mighty dusty … the boards are long, the nails are rusty … rest back cushions! Rest Back cushions!”

    The stadium hugged the ball field and you were withing a few feet of the major leaguers playing the game. It was a very emotional scene for young athletes like us who spent some time there. The aromas, the sounds, the voices of the players, the smack of the ball in the catcher’s mitt, the sound of a solid hit on a wooden bat … plus the chance to see some old timers and the up-and-comers … a totally different ambiance in the early 60’s.

    This is a good shot … how did you con your way onto the field?


    1. I believe LaBrandt & Cobb sold hotdogs at the other stadium over on Crescent Lake, too. (NY Mets?) I apparently didn’t inherit that industriousness gene, to work and make money.

      Yeah, used to be called Al Lang Field, until it got promoted. I never actually saw a game there. The opening of a movie Lou Gehrig played himself in (“Rawhide”) was in St. Pete, and a parade with Lou in it ended at the stadium.

      The gate was open for a utility truck and I briefly walked in to take a picture.

      Take me back to the good ol days!


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