8 Replies to “Alley Oops #57”

    1. You might be referring to the real fence in front of the mural. I wasn’t able to push it out of the way to take the picture. 🙂

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  1. Hmm, this comment above was meant for #56, not #57. Not sure what went wrong here. No. 56 simply baffles me. Can’t figger what it’s meant to be, and where’s the door, and what’s the stair for if no door? Weird is only word I can think of for it, but still nicer than just plain, or ugly woodface, eh?


      1. Hah! Considering today’s news obsession and tragic events of weekend: arsenal? You never really know what’s inside a peapod undil you shell it. (I know, kinda ill.)

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  2. o.k., The ninja remark was in reference to the fence, the arsenal remark was about the pink peapods building. have no clue what Bruce was talking about.


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