Pic du Jour #50

Weather event for Florida on the horizon. Mandatory evacuations already underway in my coastal town, St. Petersburg.

[PS – I’m sticking around to document the aftermath.]

🙂 🙂 🙂

– pic du jour –

[a Friday image project, a la carte]

8 Replies to “Pic du Jour #50”

  1. The approaching storm … what a great shot … stay safe and gets lots of good shots!

    We’re holding ground in Mount Dora … got all our water, gas, sand bags, propane, vodka, limes and ice … trimmed trees Wednesday, all I need now is a hurricane. It’ll be fun watching all the Disney visitors duck & cover!


  2. The pics we’re seeing on telly are riveting – Irma has packed an awfully devastating punch. The damage in places so catastrophic. Hope you stayed safe Oops? Scenes of the water sucked out of Saratosa Bay and rescuing manatees ….. St Pete’s so low-lying water and flooding?


    1. In St. Pete we got sort of a glancing blow with mostly tree damage rather than structural damage. 150 miles south of here, in the Naples/Ft. Myers area, where I used to live and also the location of the college where I still teach online courses, there was enough damage for my school to cancel classes for ten days. And of course, Key West got hit the hardest. What kind of weather events do you get in your area?


      1. Thank goodness you didn;t get the full force of the Irma beast. I have fond memories of your area and sitting out the hurricane season in St Petes in the early 2000’s – spent some years sailing in the Caribbean. So sad to see all the devastation, and now with Maria.
        Here on the Cape Peninsula and Western Province we’re in the grip of one of the worst droughts in a century. Vulnerable to fire risk and already preparing for summer’s heat.


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