Puppy Love

A follower of these pages recently remarked how much she likes Golden Retrievers, and I am reminded of the playmate Tzuri met up on Mt. Shasta back in the Fall of 2014.

His name was Rocky and Tzuri had a crush on him, although he wouldn’t relinquish his tennis ball.

Unfortunately, a few months later Tzuri woke up one morning and decided she was no longer dog friendly. 

Now she only plays with me.

😦 😦 😦


3 Replies to “Puppy Love”

    1. It happened at 18 months, and I’m thinking it was somehow part of the maturation process. Other dog owners have had the same experience. She has never been spayed. I can easily control her with obedience commands, of course – as long as I see the other dog first!.


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