6 Replies to “Fish-a-Thon”

  1. Thanks, John. Norman and I used to do volunteer duty when it was held at the pier. The kids are priceless. VB



    1. They are indeed priceless! For many years (more than 30) it has been held in the lake behind the Main Public Library on 9th Ave N. (where I myself worked for 9 years, back in the 80s). Seemingly very sparse attendance this year, however.


  2. Made me smile to see the fishathon and brought back memories of my childhood fishing days catching perch and bluegills that my mom would never cook but buried under her rose bushes as fertilizer. Thanks, Oops!


    1. Maybe he doesn’t yet know the concept of ‘hooking’ a fish, thinks he just scoops ’em out. 🙂


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