Pic du Jour #48: “The Iron Rhino”

Normally there are dozens of motorcycles outside this biker bar south of Naples, where I used to live, down near the Everglades. But I suspect recently they all rode to Charlottesville.

“The latest map shows Florida had 63 of the nation’s 917 hate groups in 2016. That means the third-largest state in the nation had the second most hate groups, behind California’s 79.”

*Hate Groups in Florida*

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4 Replies to “Pic du Jour #48: “The Iron Rhino””

  1. Anybody know what may happen if someone like me walked into there and sat down? I’d be game if noone thought it was too dangerous to do. Do people actually talk in these kinds of bars, or do they just hang out and glare at one another, or what? Interesting and a part of the world I don’t know about.


    1. You’d be fine in this one, which is not solely a hate place’ even though it may look like it. This is on a busy (even if only two-lane) highway to Miami (Tamiami Trail) and would cater to any biker/motorist driving by. Check out this profile of half-a-million Harley riders congregating right about now in Sturgis, S.D.


      “For many Americans, Sturgis conjures up images of an anything-goes motorcycle festival, where drugs flow, fists fly and nudity runs rampant. But the reality is that most attendees today are professionals with too much to lose if they get arrested. Surprisingly, the top three professions at Sturgis are doctors, lawyers and accountants, said city manager Daniel Ainsley.

      Doing the math makes that statistic easier to understand: New Harley-Davidson or Indian motorcycles start around $20,000, although high-end models can hit $50,000, and that’s before any real customization. Then there’s the logo-wear clothing, the gas, the insurance and even the ability to take a week’s vacation.”


      1. Wow! Those photos from USA Today were fab. I’d love just to go and watch, if nothing else. Nice to know it’s less “rough” than it used to be, but still a load of good times, too. Have a friend or two who are “Harley-poor,” with no regrets. My pick would be a guy with a chihuahua, too! Love those little crazy dogs. Best I ever saw was one with side-car, and all star spangled up, including lady and two bull dogs in side car. Nice folks, too! Was out in Iowa, so maybe on way to Sturgis themselves. Dakotas are so cool, any way you shake it, really.


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