5 Replies to “Sunday Smorgasbord”

  1. That mask is so funny. If cops see him, is he in trouble? They’re strict about it in New Orleans, at sundown on Mardi Gras, masks off or big deal. Laughed so hard, though.


  2. Okay … so I’m a bit behind. 1) Where’s the sax players case? He needs a larger hat … indicates a lack of confidence. 2) A perfect image with the colors, the tats, the uber-bike, ultra-scary mask … and of course the “slogan” on the bike. Both are good gets. Though I still wonder about the sax player’s small hat.


    1. Lack of confidence with small hat, yes. What you don’t see is what struck me, that he’s right in the midst of a very upscale outdoor downtown waterfront cafe. Arrogance without a shirt & dressed like that? Thanks for visiting…


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