Alley Oops #48

I’m not seeing much I can relate to on these walls in an industrial section of town.

But the neighborhood is blighted anyway, what’s the harm?

🙂 🙂 🙂

[a Monday sampling of signs, murals, graffiti]

4 Replies to “Alley Oops #48”

  1. People are doing art, you are photographing it, people are looking at the art and your photos and thinking about the art, photos, the artists, the neighborhood, People, photographers and artists are involved. What’s the harm in that?


  2. I’m not an art critic … “but,” ha, here it comes … this mural appears to be the work of middle schoolers without a a gang affiliation or the ability to use bubble letters … so, I declare this not to be “graffiti.” It is an improvement over the natural look of the decaying buildings … and, therefore, an improvement for the “hood.” Correct you are … no harm done … and many would say that it’s a visual improvement and it sure beats “paint by numbers” work.


    1. Golly-gee, I’m a-likin’ your analysis. Now, if only they had painted the street to match…

      Interestingly, this neighborhood is actually an industrial area that has been made into a designated “arts district” by the City. Large sculptures are made in this area behind chain link fences, junk cars are restored here, artists live and work out of these buildings as well as smaller studio apartments. The whole area is wonderfully alive, creatively askew and bubbling over with primitive charm. It is my currently favorite place to drive through at sunrise and sunset looking for photo ops.

      I am continually amazed at how generously St. Pete supports the arts.


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