Stray Thoughts #4: Random Observations from an Intellectual Outlaw

“Tennis Anyone?

When good things happen, God is praised:
  1. he miraculously cured you of eczema
  2. he graciously found your mother a second mortgage
  3. he secretly whispered winning lottery numbers in your ear
When bad things happen, God works in ‘mysterious ways’:
  1. nine million kids each year choke on their last breath before the age of five
  2. an Asian tsunami rips infants from their mother’s arms & drowns ¼ million people
  3. horrible suffering is visited daily upon innocent people on a scope & scale that would embarrass the most ambitious psychopath

Note the double standard here…

God is said to be kind & loving & just. But when it is pointed out that God is obviously cruel & unjust, we are told that God is ‘mysterious’ – and what ‘mere mortal’ can understand God’s divine will?

  1. ON THE ONE HAND: the fallibility/limitation of a “mere human understanding” of God’s will is offered as an excuse to callously explain away ‘apparent’ instances of God’s evil
  2. ON THE OTHER HAND: the strength/reliability of a “mere human understanding” of God’s will is employed to spot ‘confirmed’ instances of God’s goodness


This, folks, is how you play tennis without a net.


Morally reprehensible, eh? 

🙂 🙂 🙂

[“Stray Thoughts” is a weekly opportunity to go skinny dippin’ in muddled puddles of questionable beliefs & crazy ideas. Join me if you dare.]

“A very popular error – having the courage of one’s convictions: Rather it is a matter of having the courage for an attack upon one’s convictions.”

– Nietzsche –

3 Replies to “Stray Thoughts #4: Random Observations from an Intellectual Outlaw”

  1. The characteristics of Allah/God’s behavior depicted in the Qu’ran are quite drastically different from those of Christian perceptions. The 99 Glorious names of God do not include “Evil” and “Good” but do include, emphasized repeatedly, What happens is regarded simply as immutable. Some people think this is fatalistic, but, it is freeing. The concept of “Free Will” in humans is far more complex than in the Bible, and highly interesting. Great post, oops!!


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