Stray Thoughts #3: Random Observations from an Intellectual Outlaw


Why is it taboo in nearly every corner of our culture to question religion?

Religion is so sheltered from criticism that it allows perfectly sane/intelligent people to believe en masse what only idiots and lunatics could believe in isolation.

If you believe that saying a few Latin words over your pancakes will turn it into the body of Elvis – you are crazy.


But if you believe that the same mumbo jumbo over a cracker will transform it into the body of Christ – you are just Catholic.


Family values, everyone agrees, are important.

Shouldn’t they include, at a minimum, honesty and a healthy respect for intellectual integrity?

🙂 🙂 🙂

[“Stray Thoughts” is a weekly opportunity to go skinny dippin’ in muddled puddles of questionable beliefs & crazy ideas. Join me if you dare.]

“A very popular error – having the courage of one’s convictions: Rather it is a matter of having the courage for an attack upon one’s convictions.”

– Nietzsche –



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