Stray Thoughts #1: Random Observations from an Intellectual Outlaw


Can a belief give life meaning and purpose? Make people happy?

I’m ecstatic because I’m going to marry Sandra Bullock. I know in the depths of my heart Sandra and I will one day walk down the aisle and then for our honeymoon be whisked off in a diamond-studded chariot to streets paved with gold. That’s my destiny; it gives my life meaning and dignity and serenity – and I wouldn’t want to live in a world without the comfort of that certainty.

Glory Hallelujah
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I proudly confess that I have totally dedicated my life to Sandra. I think about her every minute. I dream about her every night. I get down on my knees facing Hollywood and pray to her six times a day. I fast regularly, abstain from an unhealthy lifestyle, and purify myself in her name every chance I get. I never see her but like the Holy Ghost I know she is with me at all times. Faith works miracles, love is mysterious, and Sandra will reveal herself in due time.

Is that a crazy belief?


Is such a believer dangerous?


And yet, that’s precisely the stance religion often takes. A religion is deemed “true” and indispensable because, among other reasons, it satisfies, makes one feel worthy, anchors the lost in a cozy nexus of support. The motives of many religious people are undeniably therapeutic, to achieve a sense of wholeness and social cohesiveness, and without the comfort of such belief one’s life is accused of being cold and lonely

What’s obscured in such a heartfelt testimonial, however, is that valid beliefs require good reasons. And sound reasoning doesn’t include the possible effects a belief might have on one’s life.

Wish-fulfilling fantasies are self-deceptive and should not be employed as bargaining chips in religious conversation.

Yield not to temptation

6808710-sandra-bullockWould I be better off ignoring my infatuation with Sandra Bullock?

🙂 🙂 🙂

[“Stray Thoughts” is a weekly opportunity to go skinny dippin’ in muddled puddles of questionable beliefs & crazy ideas. Join me if you dare.]

“A very popular error – having the courage of one’s convictions: Rather it is a matter of having the courage for an attack upon one’s convictions.”


– Nietzsche –

3 Replies to “Stray Thoughts #1: Random Observations from an Intellectual Outlaw”

  1. Well, I’ll recover from the shock that there’s another woman in your life, and though I’m jealous Bullock’s pretty spectacular. Nietzsche would’ve loved her too.
    Furthermore, you give me the courage to write about Fabio……


    1. Before Sandra there was Meg Ryan but Nietzsche wasn’t happy with her after her facelifts so I abandoned her. True love is not forever, ya’ know. And before Meg there was…

      Enough said. Don’t want you to see a pattern here, like maybe I’m attracted to the “girl-next-door” type. 🙂


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