6 Replies to “Pic du Jour #35: “Terrorist Training Camp””

  1. Cool shot … they look like cedar logs … the red center of each log … at a glance, many do look like human faces … nice. Plus, some might consider this Eco-terrorism on a line with the slaughter of the American Bison/Buffalo … a real wipe out of a species.


  2. This one has an eerie feeling to me, perhaps because I grew up in Oregon and saw the logging camps, the logging trucks, the logs floating down the rivers, and the mountains that had been logged clean. Those aren’t redwood logs, are they?
    I like the effects of the reflection of the logs in the water and the mist around the green trees in the background.


    1. Yes, eerie indeed, exacerbated that particular day by a heavy fog. Not redwoods as far as I can tell, although that is redwood country.


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