Some of My Best Friends Are Cats

Yes, I’m a dog person.

But I’m open-minded enough to take a walk on the wild side once in a while.

What’s not to like about cats?

They do your laundry


They do your dishes


They pick up toys


They warm up your favorite chair


They even unload manure from your car & spread it on your garden


😦 Tzuri likes cats too. She wants a couple for Christmas. 😦

5 Replies to “Some of My Best Friends Are Cats”

    1. Thanks… Those first two cats are my sister’s and I’m thinkin’ now that maybe she took those pictures, not me. It ain’t kool when ye can’t remember. 🙂


  1. Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Your great photos remind me how sweet and fun it is to have a cat around the house. I bet Tzuri would love to have a kitty.


    1. Hmnn… A kitty instead of a cat. In that case I’ll have to get two, Tzuri has a big appetite. 🙂


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