A Walk in the Boonies

Some of you may remember that I started this website after a visit to Yellowstone and I was intent on posting mostly pictures of birds and animals. For the past couple of years, however, wildlife opportunities have been few and far between.

Yesterday I was able to reunite with some photog friends – Will, Ronnie, Debbie & Brandon – and we hit the trails together. I’m rusty with a long lens these days but here are a few mediocre shots that got my juices flowing again.









🙂 🙂 🙂

10 Replies to “A Walk in the Boonies”

    1. The underside of that raccoon showed that she has nurtured recent litters. Her teeth are worn & yellowed too. Tough to make a go of it as a single mom, I guess.


  1. All marvelous, Oops, you never disappoint, only in the wish I was there to see it too factor. I suddenly have the feeling that the initial Yellowstone and woodlands photography — capturing wildlife — morphed into the wondrous next — capturing the domesticated species: mankind. I found myself thinking everyone on this page was walking down the streets of St Pete, at the sidewalk café, the street fair.


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