3 Replies to “Alley Oops #35: “Brats””

  1. The danger always of inventive originality in art is its slow rounding the bend to a kind of social realism so popular in Soviet Union years, and China, Africa, Middle East, North Korea ~~where there’s a shift to encouraging group-think Orwell so nicely laid out. A kind of anti-independence.
    This mural has real emotion washed clear of it. Quite contrary to the fury and vast dreams of street art, of graffiti. Internally you’re repelled because it’s dishonest, but you don’t know why, and then you just accept it as how to think for the common good. And you don’t have the time to examine because survival is intrusively critical..
    You are doing an heroic reporting job, I love seeing your street scenes. Thank you.


    1. You’re so right, Barbara, it is emotionally false. Not even as good as a sterile Rockwell painting. Thanks…!


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