Pic du Jour #33: “Larissa & The Owl”

Larissa takes an owl for a walk in the Sonoran Desert prior to a raptor free flight performance. 


[Notice her road runner belt buckle]

🙂 🙂 🙂

– pic du jour –

[a Friday image project, a la carte]

5 Replies to “Pic du Jour #33: “Larissa & The Owl””

  1. Beyond fabulous. I think she’s totally terrific, thrilling, roadrunner belt and all, great shot, John.
    I have always wanted an owl friend or pet. A huge barn owl came in a backyard window once in downtown Brooklyn into my old carriage house. A very old brick building with high rafters, wide open. Like an idiot (NYer) non-wilderness girl I climbed up high as I could to chatter hello what can I do want a snack you okay? at it within inches, oh so exciting, its eyelids kept drooping, this was late morning. I opened all the windows and left it alone, and two hours later it had flown the coop.
    Owls are just incredible. I love how focused and serious they both are.


    1. I love owls too, and typically have great trouble finding them except in controlled situations. Thanks…


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