Alley Oops #30: “2016 SHINE Mural Festival”


Last year’s Mural Festival (2015) was a big success, and I was fortunate to be able to post pictures of many of the artworks.

“Now a new season is underway.

To provide more opportunity, the committee decided not to re-invite artists from 2015. And, new this year, artists will receive stipends of about $1,000.

They will also be given supplies, meals and, if from out of town, hotel accommodations and transportation.”

– Tampa Bay Times

On opening day a street mural was painted at a downtown intersection. I was told by the artist that the design should withstand traffic for “about a year.”


Muralists have been scrambling to finish by the end of this week (yesterday), some working around the clock on their designs.


Opening Festivities

St. Petersburg is a lively, art-friendly city, and a great place to live! As the festival proceeds I will resume my series of Monday Murals.

🙂 🙂 🙂

[a Monday sampling of signs, murals, graffiti]

5 Replies to “Alley Oops #30: “2016 SHINE Mural Festival””

  1. I love this and following your explorations of the whole mural scene in St Pete. I have certainly been inspired and delighted with those you’ve featured, The vivid colors and the various themes show a vibrant and more important, a diverse community of artists. We have a dedicated group in Delray , Lake Worth and several sections of Old Ft Lauderdale. Doubt that Boca will ever allow 😡. On my new Island home at St Simons- many many older artists & writers. Haven’t seen any murals as yet- but haven’t begun to explore the “mainland ” of Bruneswick where there appears to be a very vigorous Art college- this young talent?? What I’ve begun exploring is something sort of unique to SSI over a 20+ year period& the huge Live Oaks= carved “Tree Spirits ” will send photo of the newest and I believe the largest one. She’s beautiful and as she ages & weathers, we’ll love her even more. Cheers my friend. Kay

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    1. I suppose it takes a special kind of commitment for a city to encourage murals. After all, many view them askance, like graffiti. There are several art “sections” in St. Pete, with lots of galleries and outdoor cafes and pedestrian friendly areas.

      Oak trees are certainly prolific in your area, what a great project that must be. Loved the pictures!



  2. Oops … We are lucky to have you parading the parades of art and nature and people you pass daily … thanks for bringing emotion, beauty, color and thought into our lives.

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