Urban Thursday #12: “Interior”

As soon as I snapped this pic a uniformed security lady rushed over to confront me. She didn’t have a gun but she was swinging her nightstick rather ominously.


It’s an office building and I can’t imagine what kind of threat I was posing.

Fortunately, an oldster like myself can feign ignorance & befuddlement rather easily.

– Black & White Version –


🙂 🙂 🙂

Urban Thursday

– a Thursday sampling of downtown buildings & city landscapes –

5 Replies to “Urban Thursday #12: “Interior””

  1. FREE THE PHOTOGRAPHERS! Fake up some kind of pass that reads PRESS or AUTHORITY FIGURE to wear around your neck. Screw the screws! Nice capture nonetheless, it’s got that wonderful deco look, a deliciously imposing/seducing at the same time. What marvelous columns and floors.


  2. Love HCG’s suggestion … I like the idea of an ID Card on a chain around your neck that states: “Cleared by Management for Photos.” If that’s not aggressive enough, you can always have on that states: “FUIT’SAFREECOUNTRY” … this is one where color works better than B&W (IMHO). Good job spotting the shot, obviously from outside the building.


    1. “Spotting the shot”? All I do is follow pretty ladies around. Sometimes they lead me astray, sometimes not. 🙂


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