8 Replies to “Pic du Jour #29: “No-Fly Zone””

  1. Are you really out west this summer? Hope so! Kay

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    1. What a delightful surprise to see a comment from you, your first I think! No, that pic was taken some time ago, as are many of my pic du jours. Maybe next year. Thanks… 🙂


  2. Wow! That’ an amazing photo,Oops! I wonder what everyone is looking at. Surely you were the only one looking up.


    1. I am pretty sure they were all looking at the hawk but it zoomed by inches above them so fast and they have yet to turn their heads. It was a free-flight raptor show out in the desert. Thanks… 🙂


  3. Way cool, Oops … details … how? What were the circumstances? Blind luck? Give it up … eager minds want to know … thanx


  4. From one sparhawk to hawks everywhere, lovely portrait of a relative.
    Never saw anyone with such good eye/hand/brain coordinating, knowing when to click.


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