Pic du Jour #28: “Junkyard Dog”

Somewhere on a blue highway in New Mexico I stopped and wandered through this beautiful junkyard. The gate was open and no one was around – how could I refuse such an invitation?

junk car_DSC8141 as Smart Object-1

Then I rounded a pile of scrap and saw this:

junkyard dog_DSC8136

I wasted no time hightailing it back to my car.

🙂 🙂 🙂

– pic du jour –

[a Friday image project, a la carte]

3 Replies to “Pic du Jour #28: “Junkyard Dog””

  1. What do I like: The sticker on the ‘Lac’s trunk says it all…

    The red 2-door Lincoln probably belonged to a coupla hit men(Quentin Tarentino-esque)…the hood brace that looks like a gun barrel stickin’ outta the passenger window…the head lights exposed like evil eyes staring…the cement block waitin’ for someone’s ankles (if we only had enuf water to drown the bastard in)…

    The empty doghouse is foreboding…doorway size suggests larger than a Beagle, so be ready to get eaten…no water or food around so the dog’s definitely angry at life.

    Hightailin’ it outta Dodge was a good idea … Guess is, you did not whistle-up or call to the missin’ star of the photo, the “Junkyard Dawg.”


    1. I love the way you look closely and then connect the dots with a story. Can’t wait for you to crank out some more FFs, don’t let that talent atrophy.


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