Municipal Court House in St. Petersburg, Florida


What a delightfully wicked sense of humor displayed by the designer of these ‘hot seats’ placed outside the ‘halls of justice’!

And just around the corner – is that ‘Old Sparky’ adjacent to stocks for chaining prisoners?


🙂 🙂 🙂

Urban Thursday

– a Thursday sampling of downtown buildings & city landscapes –

7 thoughts on “Urban Thursday #10: “Justice”

  1. Very NYC somehow, reminiscent of “artists” getting public funding (no doubt) for ridicule. It would be interesting to see the minutes of the city council sponsor member’s pitch, something like: “In the finest American tradition, a clear look at justice, only 25 million dollars, the grass is free, non-toxic, and it will keep the officers in line……”
    Forgive me. I have a justified contempt for public works and who gets paid to do them.
    Thank you for finding this!


  2. Love it … wonder if the minutes of the council meeting after the project are still supportive of the artist’s efforts. Frying in an artistically created “Sparky” might have appeased the cries from the anti-death penalty factions. Seems much more civilized to fry a bit of human ass in an artsy chair.

    BTW … like your new look … much easier on my aging eyeballs.


  3. That was a surprise for my new format … evidently my version of WP was too old to rebuff the virus attack and to rebuild my site a new version of WP had to be used … benefits appear to be more readable text and enhanced security options. It’s all good …


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