6 Replies to “Alley Oops #29: “Empty Rhetoric on Empty Building?””

  1. I agree, it’s like a speech made for the Miss Universe runway, missing the traditional ‘I want world peace’. I suspect Tecumseh was a man of fewer, smarter words and zero this nauseating political correct art. Though they got very good at it, Social Realism never worked for the Russians or Cubans either.
    Why does this suddenly remind me of ol’ Kanye and Kim?


    1. Native American wisdom is always refreshing to me but like Holycowgirl says above, something is not quite right here. It sounds too stilted, too canned, too politically correct. I wonder if these comments were patched together out of context. Just my opinion… 🙂


  2. Amazing artwork…
    May come looking to get shot on the streets of St Pete Wednesday. ..


    1. Not much happening on the streets due to the heat this time of year, but if you’re downtown this morning and want some company call or text your location to 239 – 961 – 2804. I’m only 15 minutes away. Afternoons are not good for me. Whatever, enjoy your stay…


      1. Didn’t see this message till the day after I went. But I only made it to St Pete Beach anyway. 🙂
        Maybe next year!!

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