5 Replies to “Alley Oops #28: “Banyon Tree Lady””

  1. Great shot, Oops … also Great Art! … First reaction is an “industrialized Garden of Eden with Eve and the Serpent/Devil” … also a tad “Dali-esque” with the clock in the painting … what’s the “inset” all about? Can’t see any details in it. Good get, my man!

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  2. I have looked at this intriguing shot for quite a while. Is it a phoenix with the sun and time and the woman growing of the tree? And is it a real banyon tree in the inset? And where was this mural? I see real tree leaves on the top and left side. Fascinating, thanks, Oops!

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  3. Thanks, Richard & Lee. Sharp eyes, both of you.

    I cropped as close as I could, but the few protruding leaves are actually from a nearby oak tree. The location is an alley between 1st Ave N. and Central Avenue, somewhere around 8th Street.

    The inset – almost impossible to discern – is a window in the building reflecting an overhead oak tree.

    Yes, perhaps a Dali-inspired clock. The gears I take to be industrialization threatening Nature, and maybe Mother Nature commanding the Phoenix to ‘rise from the ashes’.

    I purposely don’t try to look up any information about these murals – although, if I were more conscientious, I would.



    1. Thanks for shedding some light on the photo, Oops. It really is a mural. At one point I thought it might be stained glass, but then I saw the oak tree leaves. Lots to look at and imagine about this one! She looks to me like she is trying to get the phoenix to land on her arm, which is also a banyan root, to keep the tree alive like the sun despite the threats of time and machines. If I ever get to St. Pete again, I will certainly try to find it.


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