6 Replies to “Pic du Jour #26: “A Woman of Unknown Intentions””

  1. That’s thrown me, the title puts a twist to the scene. There I was thinking .. a shot of a poignant moment and a sweet farewell. Perhaps now i wonder if there is some sinister undertone …


    1. This was at the beach and I didn’t see anyone nearby. It just seemed like an awkward flutter of some sort. I should have titled it after an Australian band who call themselves “Not Drowning, Just Waving.” 🙂


  2. Very funny, the marvelous title AND your Aussie band tribute reply above.
    It certainly looks a melancholy moment for her. Focused. Maybe drawing in energy from the sky or sea.
    This phenomenon, it’s interesting, the age we are in, where people seem to expect to be documented, and the business of getting permission has kind of vanished. Unless, as you discovered, they’re breast feeding. But it’s also a large part of your skill that you don’t intrude, just slip in and out of other people’s thoughts. And you have a wholesomeness that does not threaten which works to your benefit. And ours! The things we get to see!


    1. Thanks, Barbara. My street pics I ‘shoot from the hip’ so no one really knows I just took their picture. With this one I had a long lens and was looking for birds at the beach, so far away she didn’t see me either. I try not to intrude. 🙂


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