Big Glass, Small Tripods

I mentioned in a previous post that big lenses typically require tripods that I am too impulsive to fiddle with. Hence, not for me.

Such dedication also sometimes invites the macho to endure cold, wet, and mosquitoes. Double-hence, not for me.


North Lagoon, Ft. DeSoto Park

🙂 🙂 🙂

5 Replies to “Big Glass, Small Tripods”

  1. Well done, Oops … a title suggestion for this one: “The Photography Firing Squad.”

    Sure hope they were hoping to “shoot” something other than a raccoon washing a prawn before he gobbled it. Maybe they were after one of the very rare Ibis which frequent my front yard by the dozens. Or maybe the rare sighting of a crow cawing at anything in it’s territory.


    1. Good title, thanks… I didn’t bring my wet gear so I wasn’t about to wade out and see what they were photographing, but I’m guessing some kind of shore bird was nesting up in the mangroves.


        1. Rare, indeed. Or maybe a seagull. Prints of either taken way back up in dark murky surroundings surely would fetch a ransom. 🙂


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