Osprey, Pelican, Two Eagles & a Dog

A 500mm lens is a must-have for wildlife photography, but I have long resisted because such a heavy piece of equipment requires a bulky tripod and I haven’t the patience to fiddle with such things.

Until now. Nikon has recently come out with a quality 500mm lens specifically designed to be hand-held. It’s not for the frail, weighing in at 5 lbs., but manageable.

Two things I am looking for as I test out a new lens = (1) how fast it picks up and focuses on subjects speeding across the sky, and (2) how sharp the images are.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw two juvenile eagles sitting on rocks about 200 yards from shore this morning.


One of them hopped around a bit, after a fish the other had dropped in a crevice.


I alternately stood and sat for 45 minutes with camera and lens held up to my eye waiting for the eagles to fly. Liftoff would be a perfect picture. The camera got heavy, my arms got tired, and my fingers began to cramp.

An osprey took a dip nearby in the water and I interrupted my vigil to fire off some quick shots.



A pelican dropped in fairly close to the eagles.


Then a damn helicopter buzzed overhead and spooked the eagles as I was looking in the wrong direction! All my patience was for naught.


Tzuri, fortunately, was a more willing subject.


All in all, I’m thinkin’ this new lens is a keeper.

🙂 🙂 🙂

10 Replies to “Osprey, Pelican, Two Eagles & a Dog”

    1. We go to Ft. DeSoto five mornings/week for sunrise but it is too crowded on weekends, so this is Bay Pines Veterans Memorial Park. Thanks for commenting… 😀


  1. Really astonishing to see these incredible birds, I don’t get what you missed because of the ‘copter. I mean, this is pretty special stuff. All of it. What a thrill and treat, imagine living so close, lucky (smart guy.) I love seeing Tzuri in the mix, thanks from her fan. And congratulations on the marvelous new equipment. I know what it feels like to expand the tools of the trade.


    1. I had my camera poised for nearly an hour ready to snap a picture of the eagles in motion as they lifted off to fly. I diverted my attention just a second to the helicopter and while looking away the eagles left. Missed the shot after all that wait with a heavy camera that severely strained my arms. Frustrating, but not unusual in the world of photography. 🙂

      Thanks, Barbara.


  2. Ha, ha!! Wonderful, Wonderful shots!!
    Also, constantly trying to decide between new version of Canon 100-400 lens with 2x converter or Canon 600mm.
    But I know I won’t use a tripod, so leaning toward to less exspensive route for now 😦


    1. Ah, man – the 600 is a beast that would scare hell out of me! 🙂

      I love the new 500 but truth is, I could easily survive with my old 400 (w/out converter).


  3. Fabulous shots! Amazing to see them up so close. Wish you could come over to Texas and photograph a hawk’s nest with 3 baby hawks. With my little camera, I can barely get a shot that shows the nest let alone the babies sitting on the edge of the nest and the parents coming to feed them. Thanks for these!


    1. It’s still a good experience to watch them, even without a camera. This is the first year I haven’t been able to find either a hawk’s nest or an eagle’s nest. 😦


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