Urban Thursday #3: “Marble Waterfall”

As if to appease a collective sense of guilt for bulldozing the natural world, and to hide a multi-story parking garage, the architects have kindly provided us with an artificial waterfall that operates on the hour.


Occasionally someone finds it inspiring.

fountain20151017_4817 as Smart Object-1

🙂 🙂 🙂

Urban Thursday

– a Thursday sampling of downtown buildings & city landscapes –

3 Replies to “Urban Thursday #3: “Marble Waterfall””

  1. Good shot, Oops … Trees Schmees … they leave a lot of debris and a city worker has to clean up after them… this water’s recycled and creates mold and mildew, uses too much electricity and needs 3 city workers to clean it as well as a tech guy from some Nordic country to come over for any repairs or resetting, not to mention the enormous hike in the city’s liability package … hmm, maybe we should disconnect and put trees all around it.


    1. A few blocks from here there’s actually an arboretum. They bus kids there to teach them what a tree looks like but they’re usually too busy texting to notice. 😦


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