Osprey Descending

This osprey has been staying close to the nest, even though the eggs have not hatched yet.



I’m lovin’ my new camera and am just about to talk myself into ordering a new (500mm) wildlife lens.


🙂 🙂 🙂

6 Replies to “Osprey Descending”

  1. I agree with Richard, keep buying cameras and lenses you love. The pictures of these wild things in motion is too stunning for words.
    When I first looked, the thought I had was that you’re making taxidermy obsolete. I know not entirely, but your photography makes all the staged detail unnecessary because you’ve done that in real time, in life. Truly amazingly beautiful.

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  2. Oh, Oops, these are magnificent photos! Last spring I watched a pair of hawks build an nest. Soon there were three baby hawks peeking over the edge of the nest. Later they stood on the edge and eventually flew. I have photos of them at different stages of development, taken on my baby camera. How I wish I had your talent to capture those moments. I am stalking them this year, but there is no activity in the nesting trees, and I don’t know if hawks return to previous nests as eagles do. Thanks for capturing such fabulous photos!


    1. Thanks… My experience with (some species of) hawks is that while nesting they will dive-bomb you, and sometimes the authorities will rope off the area. Be careful.


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