6 thoughts on “Osprey Descending

  1. I agree with Richard, keep buying cameras and lenses you love. The pictures of these wild things in motion is too stunning for words.
    When I first looked, the thought I had was that you’re making taxidermy obsolete. I know not entirely, but your photography makes all the staged detail unnecessary because you’ve done that in real time, in life. Truly amazingly beautiful.

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  2. Oh, Oops, these are magnificent photos! Last spring I watched a pair of hawks build an nest. Soon there were three baby hawks peeking over the edge of the nest. Later they stood on the edge and eventually flew. I have photos of them at different stages of development, taken on my baby camera. How I wish I had your talent to capture those moments. I am stalking them this year, but there is no activity in the nesting trees, and I don’t know if hawks return to previous nests as eagles do. Thanks for capturing such fabulous photos!


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