Urban Thursday #2: “Interlocking Shapes”

Downtown on Beach Drive, looking up.


🙂 🙂 🙂

Urban Thursday

– a Thursday sampling of downtown buildings & city landscapes –

6 Replies to “Urban Thursday #2: “Interlocking Shapes””

  1. You captured something magical in this one, Ooops. Reminds me of Dorothy looking towards the Emerald City.


    1. Thanks. I’m still not sure I got it right. That’s a difficult angle to get clearly, without clutter.


  2. Great one, Oops … Love the colors interlocking along with the images … Good clear day helped you, too … the arcs/circular pieces flowed into each other with each one picking up the other … and no one walked in front of you just as you pulled the trigger … A good day!


    1. Yep. ’tis a good day when you can pull the trigger without shooting yourself in the foot. 🙂



  3. Despite these days of the sand blowing into our eyes diffusing mankind’s steady search for light, here you are showing the way again, this happy configuration of hope and ingenuity. It’s just beautiful, the angle is terrific, it just makes you so glad to be alive.
    I grew up in a time with so many rigidities: rules on women’s hemlines, firm ideas about architecture, and a very limited palette for life. Yet we keep breaking through those barriers we made last year, isn’t it lovely, thanks for the generosity of St Pete you show us, both of you vanguards.

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  4. Oh, wow! Awesome photo! Great perspective or is that a great angle?? 🙂 But certainly a great point of view! Catches the eye!!

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